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this all is divingworld Jungle-Resort

download as doc-file Description of the divingworld Resort, Popototan, Coral Bay, Busuanga, Coron Bay, Palawan, Philippines for download! download as pdf-file Description of the divingworld Resort, Popototan, Coral Bay, Busuanga, Coron Bay, Palawan, Philippines for download!



in Coral Bay, Coron, Palawan, Philippines


Be enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world in the South China Sea. Huge schools of fish, beautiful coral gardens, numerous wrecks, caves, large fish such as manta rays or sharks, or the rare sea cows - each dive into a real experience!


As a diving destination in the Philippines are hard to beat. Especially diving off the coast of Coron is a unique experience. Coron is outside the typhoon belt and is therefore suitable for year round diving. Visibility is usually good to very good. The water temperature is the year 27 to 31 C. Therefore, a thin wet suit or shorty usually sufficient.

Outside the door of the diving world Jungle-Resort is a very nice house reef that up to a depth of about 15 m drop. Five-minute boat ride from the resort is a small wreck of about 35 m in length. The known world-known  "Japanese Pearl Harbour wrecks from World War II in just 30 minutes by boat from the resort to reach out.

The Coron Bay is among the world's best dive sites. Here you will find the unique combination of wreck diving and reef diving for all levels . There are also spectacular dive sites, such as that of hot spring-fed freshwater lake called Lake and the Barracuda Cathetral Cave Coron Iceland. Therefore, the Forbes magazine, the Bay Coron one of the world's 10 best dive spots considered.


This spacious divingworld Jungle-Resort is harmoniously embedded in romantic tropical jungle environment in a private bay. near the sea, near a rocky plateau lying, you can resort to pure nature at its best experience. The resort is a small family business in German - Philippine management, which more than twenty years of successful activity in the tourism can look back. The selected crew treats each guest individually and
family, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere! Just let your soul dangle! The only settlement on the island is located just 2 km away. The resort has been integrated into the landscape, it is hardly discernible from the sea. The resort is crowned by a freshwater stream that flows around the mountains of the resort, so that one is on a peninsula is - bounded by the sea from one side and the creek with a small freshwater lake on the other. Therefore, the pool Diving World Resort not needed - bathing in the sea can be a transition here, the salt, rinse and cool off. After this one has not only an "expeditionary feeling" - once one is here - one is on EXPEDITION!


Restaurant Entrance                                             Restaurant


                            Guest House                                                Cottage


                  Cottage inside laundry room                                    Divebase


From Coron does the journey to the resort by speed boat just under 1 hour for non-availability of Bangka just over 2 hours. For direct bookings, the transfer between Coron and Resort is also included as the return flight Manila - Coron and hotel accommodation in Manila.


The Private Beach


Exclusive VIP package
They come to the international airport in Manila on and are exclusive of service of the Diving World Resort in Manila by private floatplane picked up and land right on the private beach of the Diving World Resorts! If interested, you save even more time (one to 2 days of transfer accommodation in Manila).

Resort overlooking the beach


The approximately 2-acre resort consists of luxury cottages (Teakausstattung), guest house (bamboo equipment) and guest cottage, plants in the diving world-Divebasis and farm buildings such as restaurant, bar, complete technical infrastructure for self-supply (water production, wastewater treatment, electricity) and accommodation for staff. The very spacious cottages and most of the guest rooms are enchanted by a breathtaking panoramic view far across the sea and the bay. The operation of air conditioning would be the performance of our generators, we must use the current use of (Jungle Resort), on demand. But houses are all built on stilts - a proven method of natural air-conditioning and environmental reach. The breeze from the sea also causes a cooling of the bottom. The sanitary facilities in accordance with European standards. Showers of course have hot water. The soils are typical Norwegian style and ecologically wood floors and equipped so clean and easy to clean . The Mühlentsorgung is fully organic in-house either recycling or disposal.

   For low-cost Touriste n   

is a beach camp offered at full pension from the resort.


Pre-booked full board with two hot meals and breakfast that is offered often warm. Located in the Philippine style, the restaurant will spoil you in an exotic garden with an inviting atmosphere and the more freely with Asian and Western delicacies. Enjoyon the spacious terrace in the evening the charm and magic of the sunset, which often comes close to a magnificent performance spectacle. You can drink at sunrise or sunset and enjoy the shade of trees and palms on the beach directly in front of the restaurant. In a Dschugel resort is also the water production as own final supply. Diving World relates the fresh water from its own mountain fountain source. The care
even goes so far that we bake your own bread (in the Philippines, European bread is not to have). Stand on its own ice plant at any time. In short: The food
is so good and rich, the regular boats
with guests from other resorts for dinner! And if you happen to a birthday can be that the center manager personally at night catching a lobster in order to present it to the birthday child as a solid meal.

Resort activities

Swimming and snorkeling at the private, gently sloping beach is suitable for the whole year through possible even for non-swimmers and children. A home library with 300 books from novels to nonfiction, darts and table tennis this week are up for free usage. The wellness area in the resort puts the water-jet massage his guests in a pleasant state of relaxation. A traditional Asian massage completes the wellness program.

   International Dive Center:

It is located right on the beach and to the needs of divers and student divers specially designed. The house reef is meters from the dive shop just a few. In order to dive, it is enough to catch his buddy, equipment to create the one in the mask and spit . to dive Each time, between 7 am and 8 clock clock in the evening. Diving can not be easier. We do not use deceptive, on the various charges as Riffschutzgebühren and national parks will have to pay extra money per dive (up to 3 € per TG). In the world are diving into the RiffschutzgebührenPackage prices are included. The same applies to certifications (ADP / CMAS) and teaching materials in our course prices include the Philippines but they often require € 60 or more in addition to the reported fees.

There are forward-books-submersible austerity packages. The packages can be divided arbitrarily between the boat, reef and night dives and provide our customers with wide choice. As we approach all known wrecks are the distances under very different. Therefore, in boat dives, depending on the diving area and kind of the boat (speed boat or Bangka) fuel surcharge levied by a.

Good service and professional logistics, coupled with a relaxed family atmosphere and personal features of the dive. Short distances from the rooms to the Dive Centre, to the boats, the restaurant or the beach, were important aspects in planning. The semi-open design allows for a comfortable stay even in a tropical rain and also serves as sun protection.

As an international basis with which we support and training in German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Czech in language. Teaching materials are available for CMAS in English, German and Russian CMAS output, exclusive of divingmir, the Russian division of diving world (from summer 2011) before. For Padi Lerning are next to e-documents in German and English only.

At the lounge on the beach divers drinks, shakes and snacks. There is a satellite TV system. For the divers are cold and hot water showers, towels, equipment rooms and dressing rooms available. A covered equipment, washing and drying area is located at the entrance to the dive base, where the equipment is being prepared.

The equipment of guests is prepared by the service crew on the boat after the dive and brought back again, whether washed and cared for. The expensive-deserved vacation, no one should have to work, the most important motto is what we call "customer orientation, even if we would have to turn it upside down." Internet access is to the PC in the base or wireless LAN using their own laptops. Because of the high cost of satellite access internal use is not free.


Dive Sites:
The territory of Busuanga is home to various dive sites. Here not only the wreck lovers get their money, the famous Japanese wrecks from the 2nd dive world want war, but also coral lovers delight at the rich biodiversity and the wealth of fish.

  Base line:
, in 1988, has been living in the Philippines is one of over 6500 dives to the most experienced Europeans in the Philippines. He and the experienced team at the World Diving Center will show the different dive sites, adapted to the experience level of the guests. Whether diving for experienced cave divers, wreck diving or diving at the reef comfortable - especially for beginners - for all sites are appropriate here. The famous Coron wrecks lie in the immediate area and are the basis of our own boats to reach easily. He was a team member of the international search expedition to the sunken Brigantine Coron before 2001 and has personally dived the wrecks of us (a U.S. landing craft) as a Philippine fishing boat found in.


selected specialists in the divingworld team

The sporting Aktivities with diving, snorkeling, aqua jogging, Sky Diving, jets king, water skiing and surfing is from our basic sportsmanship Nina, the former European and world champion, since 2002's first coach Category and Rehabilitation specialist  out. For our German visitors is significant that in the Diving World Resort carried Aqua-J ogging treatments up to 80% of the German health insurance is financed. For the activities of Sky-Diving, Jet Ski, Water and Surfing courses are offered, ending with an examination and issued the certificate, a global loan of this equipment allows.

For the theoretical part of training and scientific work on underwater - monument care is Ed responsible, a German historian with worldwide practical experience. After completing his doctorate in historical auxiliary sciences worked in several European countries, Middle East, the Caribbean and Latin America until the early 2011 work started diving in his world. As a certified ICC (International Certifificate of Competence), he is also a competent skipper for field investigation with the

Wreck search yacht " M/Y CoralStar " in Coron Bay to the current 15 - 25 non-localized wrecks of the Japanese disaster of 1944.  "M/Y  CoraLStar "is under his guidelines for the use of expensive specialty electronics based to radar and sonar fitted in and start Explora-tion of the work is planned for late summer. If the wreck is also a Web travel guests from driving possible.


           Immersion Education:  
According to the standards of ADP / CMAS or PADI dive training, any beginner will graduate and become an instructor assistant. In addition, almost all of the special rates are on the program, especially wreck or cave diving. ADP / CMAS and PADI courses are standard-only organized groups of 4 or more, as we do because of our outstanding specialists prefer the specials listed below.

The base has 8 complete with scuba gear regulator / octopus and jackets by Aqualung and Suunto dive computers. The diving is generally with 12 liters of aluminum tanks with Int. Connection (please bring adapter). In the diving trips is always a first aid kit with oxygen Wenoll - system on board.

Diving World offers 5 different boats, including a "King Ludwig" speed boat with room for up to 8 people, the dive sites off the coast of Coron and transfers to and from Coron used is for a traditional Bangka (outrigger boat) from 12 m with room for up to 6 divers, and a 18 m long large Bangka, up to 10 divers to the more distant dive sites in comfort and equipment for 3 dives added storage space.'s flagship is the 11 m long steel motor yacht "M/Y CoralStar "with bath and toilet rooms for 4 guests.

Suits as Shorty or 3 mm overall, sometimes with women's section. For snorkelers, there are sufficient NBC equipment. Children will have suitable equipment available, but please pre-order.

A decompression chamber is located in the town of Coron, at 1 hour by speed boat Diving World Resort. Please bring your logbook and have a valid diving medical certificate.

Diving Operation:
                                            Every day, half day (up to a two-
Dives) and
full-day trips (two to three dives offered). With the base's own outrigger boat (Bangka) dive sites are the ten to sixty minutes achieved. In the beautiful and species-rich reef with easy access to experienced divers, diving personal responsibility. The house reef dives in to offer location-abiding large turtles, extensive coral formations, schools of fish, hump head parrot fish, cuttle fish, dugongs and the largest known giant clams.  

Starting point to all dives with a detailed dive plan for a successful and safe dive is always the dive center. Before diving, after and during the dive, you will be well looked after by the crew. A test dive is compulsory.

Dive Operation - Speciality: marine biology

With a marine mammal as it were, domestic animal house reef (the rare dugong, also seacow called, direct relatives of the elephants) is the special price ideal for marine biology. With 23 years of underwater experience, it is our job base manager Arno, which can take any of it.


Its marine biology courses or types are among the highlights of the diving world basis. As for the PADI Underwater Photography Specialties and exclusive Spear Fishing expeditions capital-tuna is after our dive area a paradise, which bring is photos unforgettable. The "Dugong Feedinggrounds" you have the chance at seagrass to see a dugong diving in! Especially worm lovers will discover ways to find the snails are not recommended in. The underwater world around Coron is intact, and constant flow of warmed water not too much, which is in continuous growth of corals noticeable. Coron waters are considered top dive destination in the Philippines. Leading underwater photographers to come here and the catch in hand. Many photos from international fish and coral books purchased from our dive sites - a paradise for macro specialists.

  our pet house reef: Dugong (Wasserkuh)

Dive Operation - specification: 
Underwater Photography / Underwater Video

For underwater photographers, this area is a paradise that will bring unforgettable photos. Especially worm lovers will discover ways to find are no snails leader.

Dive Operation - specification:
Cave diving

We offer the world's best diving destinations for cave diving. Here you will find the spectacular dive sites, such as that of hot spring-fed freshwater lake - colloquially - Barracuda Lake and called the Cave Cathetral to Coron Iceland .


Dive Operation - specialty:
exclusive Spear Fishing Expeditions

From our 11m long steel motor yacht unsingbaren ocean (see our special page CoralStar Safari, available from July), the Speedboat King Ludwig or our great Bangka they are well equipped for underwater hunting and take unforgettable memories, photos and video at home. Rightly Philippines apply with capital tuna and sharks, and the applicable law as an ideal supplement or replace the "Big Five Trophy" (lion, elephant, tiger, hippopotamus / bison, brown bear) that the high costs mean time for millionaires barely affordable is because of. The Andrenalin output is on properly organized hunting harpoon certainly not less. Again, you can access the guidance of a specialist in divingworld, the British division of the divingwelt.

Dive Operation - specification: 
Archaeological diving - wreck diving abbreviated

Almost all the wrecks that are not lifted from the Philippines or not out-slaughters have been, in very good condition. Our experienced wreck diver under the personal direction of the base leader, with over 6,500 diving-goers one of the most experienced German in the Philippines, will guide you well into the interior of the wreck.

To find more wreckage of the sunken Japanese convoys, we even used seaplanes (as you can see here, our base leader Arno after a search operation). After this, however, had brought no success, was hired in 2011, a German historian, for the "Coron Archaeology Project" is responsible.

Given its proximity to the wrecks Diving World Resort is the perfect starting point for all to be able to reach the wreck. The dive sites around Coron Bay offer excellent conditions for technical diving. The average depth of the wrecks there is between 10 and 40 meters, thus ideal for nitrox dives as well as beginners. The combination of Nitrox and Twin Tanks allow you a much longer time due to the splendid wrecks of Coron Bay to explore.

The wrecks in Coron Bay -
the "Japanese Pearl Harbor

On September 24, 1944 at 06:00 am lifted 180 H6F Grumman Hellcat Grumman SB2C Helldiver aircraft from the aircraft carriers of Admiral William F. Halsey's the Pacific "task force 38" and flew off towards Coron. With 350 miles away from the target this time was the longest air raid, launched from aircraft carriers (apart from the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, which does not return the aircraft and had been abandoned).

At 09:00 AM, the first aircraft reached Coron, located at least 18 huge Japanese ships and began the attack. After 40 minutes of fierce fighting, the aircraft turned around and left back a battlefield, that in history as the "Japanese Pearl Harbor was received. Most of the ships sank before Tangat Iceland, now Iceland Sangat, near which is the world's diving base in the world diving resort.

Wreck dive sites:

Japanese wrecks found so far, the attack by the air of the United States were put away, are in easy reach. These wrecks of 30 m to 180 m in length are located in a depth of 3 to 43 m and are thus to dive for every level of education. Dived in addition an American landing and wrecks of Philippine fishing boats.

The Black Iceland Wreck - 
West side of the island Malajon

The 45 m long fishing boat of Philippine origin lies upright on the sandy slope, the bow is in 32 m, the tail in 20 m depth.

Great, relatively shallow wreck diving for beginners, photographers as well as night diving, very rich in fish. In the superstructure there are many large scorpion and lion fish, Bat fish, large schools of glass groupers, snappers, fusiliers and groupers, trumpet fish, six napkins and emperor angel fish. The trunk is densely covered with sponges and hydrozoans. There are many feather stars. The coral on the west side of the island Malajon are poor, but in strong currents can be there to see large pelagic species, hammerhead sharks.

One of the few real big warships in the Coron wrecks. The JNS Akitsushima was a flying boat mother ship, the attack by the Americans was sunk in the. The wreck, 114.8 m long, 5080 tons, is located in the depth of 38 m on the port side, the starboard side of the trunk is 20 m. The arm of the crane's rear port is terminated in 34 m. The main deck is torn between the crane and chimney. From the flying boat is nowhere and has not yet been found.

Because of the depth is only slightly advanced. You can advance with caution in the wreck. Very rich in fish. In the short to hide large groupers, outside there are schools of barracuda, large tuna and snapper.

Kyokuzan Maru
The dive sites around Dimakaya Iceland in the north Busuangas provide species-rich coral gardens. In the wreck of the "Kyokuzan Maru, a Japanese freighterfrom the second world war, a highlight, which is also ideal because of the charge with cars and trucks and the beautiful vegetation with several dives.

To the detailed description of all activities wreck in Coral Bay click

Other activities

For non-divers and water sports fans Dene various water sports are offered. Why not fly once on a parasailing with high speed along on the sea coasts of? (Only allowed outside the dive sites). Or fly to the resort's own jet ski across the bay? And perhaps even let the partner take on water skis slalom? Or to surf?

A beach-camping as the roar of the waves to experience is right on something that is far from exhausted, and for romantic get-together scores more.

One guest told us that he has taken Surf noise with his cell phone and it is to relax at home always enjoy listening to.


Who wants to spend some, the choice is an extensive island-hopping (from Iceland to the American-hopping), but the facts accurately reflects the. Time a number of different memorable impressions to gather In short here is the goal.

Regularly are snorkeling lessons and guides supervised snorkelling trips (with life jackets) to secluded coves on the program. Also from "above" is very much to see and makes the group fun.

With a canoe to explore deserted island sections creates experiences for the long winter evenings at home.


Also, Bird-watching enthusiasts come from us
have prepared for them.


One of the highlights on offer is the limit holiday experience. Please ask for the specific individual to!

Even the youngest guests there should not be boring. While parents are under water, it is for the children in our freshwater lake or river, on the beach entertainment. First dive experience should make them free. Even children are special diving programs available.

On one of the Coron Islands, the sea, there is always plenty to explore and discover. Guided Schorcheltouren or boat ride to make the children very much.

With the resort's own fishing boat Barracuda is also the angler friends in an expertly tool available to the fish-rich Koralgebieten to prove their skills. 


 Special features:

 CoralStar Safari

 From 1 November 2008, we offer diving cruises on our 11 meter motor yacht CoralStar (formerly Voyager) to include the Apo reef below, which is known for steep walls, large fish and good visibility. The Apo Reef is located in the South China Sea between Mindoro and Busuanga. 

The yacht can max. 4 guests in 2 cabins accommodate. A Bauer compressor and 12 liter aluminum tanks are on the boat. Meals during the tour is full board self catering. The tour starts in the divingworld Resort. On the way to Apo reef at Black wreck Iceland (Nanshin Maru) and on the submerged wreck Kyokuzan Maru in the north of Busuanga. 3 days spent here are the dive sites voted with the guests - at Apo Reef 2 are even. The dive cruise can be booked in combination with the divingworld Resort.

We expect, as this view from the guest cottage is waiting for you!

The CoralStar - team and the staff of the
divingworld Resort

Contact via Skype> diving world <

Phone: +63- (0) 920-488 62 50 (Arno Weber)
E-mail: arno-j.weber @ web.de

Arnold Weber - Nina Moskvina

Diving World Resort, Popototan, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines 


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