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The dive center is located in the base at the divingworld Jungle-Resort on the Popoptotan Island at Coral Bay. Centrally located in the island group, it is an ideal base for day trips to the wrecks of Busuanga. Coralstar is a member of the divingworld group, but as a yacht dive-basis didn't operate a dive shop.

The Jungle-Resort has to 2011 altogether 10 years invested in the protection of a Marine Protected Area (MPA)! This protected area is guarded by us 24 hours a day! The purpose of establishing a MPA at our house reef is maintaining this unique reef - not for nothing get the bay the name of Coral Bay! Therefore, we also allow a maximum of 30 divers a day! We have now as a pet in our house reef not just one, as in previous years, but mean while, even 2 Dugongs! 

You can observe by Yourself! We can rightly say: so saw the sea before the overfishing! 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the resort we granted visitors from 1th of May 2011 - 20th of December 2011, a 20% discount on resort and diving services (other than any other sport activities, courses and drinks).

The Coralstar Liveaboards team consists of Arno, with over 6,500 dives, one of the most experienced Germans in the Philippines (DIWA-CMAS) and the former World champion Nina. They are supported by the German historian Ed, which also features responsible for the wreck dive search in the Coron Bay, while ICC-skipper. The team provides safe and exciting dives. A test dive is made obligatory on the house reef of the divingworld Jungle-Resort. There is also a current medical certificate expected.

We paid special attention to the fact that a smooth functioning of the diving operation and can be guaranteed. in times of no postings of the wreck search activity. New equipment, if necessary, Nitrox, and modern training aids are of course (Nina is the author of the Russian-language edition of the CMAS*, ** and *** manuals). We hope that many of our friends will visit us on our research vessel.

Following the recommendation of the "Coron Archaeology Project" (and come to a possible ban on diving wrecks before) we have as first diving base in the Coron Bay resignated from diving with enriched oxygen (Nitrox, Trimix, etc.). Recent science studies have shown, that the use of Nitrox (enriched oxygen follows expotenziale acceleration of the decomposition of the wrecks and other underwater sites

Finally, we want, that the next generations of divers can enjoy the phenomenal view of the ship's graveyard of the "Japanese Pearl Harbour. 

It greets you warmly, the Coralstar Team.


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